AI and Smart Clothing: Capable Technology Augmenting, Not Taking Over Our Lives

By Alasdair Munn for Box News

Many people still have a fear that AI will create a sterile world where our reliance on technology drives us further from nature, creating a world of interfaces removed from reality. Alex Kass, Labs Fellow at Accenture feels the opposite is true. Using the example of how AI and smart materials will allow us to go about our day unburdened by visible or conscious technology, Alex paints a picture of a future containing smarter, more capable technology that augments rather than take over our lives.

Far from driving us further apart, as feared by many, systems will enable people to connect and collaborate with others whom they would otherwise never have met; in the professional sphere, AI will be able to assemble teams of the best-suited workers for a given project or enterprise from around the world. Dangerous, menial or time-consuming tasks will be undertaken by automatons, leaving us more time to ‘be human’, and in our day to day lives, smart materials will become increasingly prominent in the realms of construction and fabric/clothing manufacturing, among others.  

Listen to this excerpt taken from a longer interview with Alex Kass.