Paul Daugherty: Technology is Neutral: Our Duty of Care

By Anna McDonald for Box News

Al and related technologies have already indicated positive outlooks for general quality of life and the future of work, health care and education. However, they’ve also emerged as a potential locus of inequality, leading to the increased power and wealth of a few. The most significant challenge in regulating the use and impact of new technologies is that the very same characteristics which offer the greatest benefits also create the greatest risks. Neither outcome is necessarily more likely than the other but represent a choice in how we engage with these technologies. Instead of fearing them, one must recognise their essentially neutral character; to recognise this is to understand the technology and ensure that its purpose aligns with our values. This means that new technologies are only as ‘good’ as those who implement them, highlighting the need to responsibly re-skill employees to use the power of technology to ‘re-humanise’, not dehumanise, the workplace.

Box News spoke to Paul Daugherty, CTIO of Accenture, about a range of topics. In this excerpt, Paul (as usual) distills and simplifies his points to an easily absorbed statement with maximum impact. 

“Technology is neutral. Humans decide how to use it. You can use an axe to cut your crops or to kill your neighbour. The choice is yours, not the axe’s.”

Watch the excerpt below.