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Why We Will Not Lose our Jobs to AI

Why We Will Not Lose our Jobs to AI

Box News spoke to Edy Liongosari, Chief Research Scientist at Accenture Labs about the impact AI will have on the future job market. We wanted to ask him a question many people are asking, will we really lose our jobs to AI?

Edy does not think so. He points out a lot of the noise and hype around job losses is around well known jobs. What is less understood and conceptualised are the new jobs that are being created due to AI, new technologies and changing behavioural habits. 

“The highlights in the papers is ‘layoffs for this certain type of job’ mostly because the job is well known, transportation for example. The bus driver is a well known position. The jobs that are coming up are not that well known because it is new. For example data analysts, data scientists, data ethics, these are all ew positions. Very few people know about it, or are even qualified for it. They require some level of retraining. New jobs are rolling out, they are just now as well known.”

Edy goes on to say that there will be a transformation, but it is important for us to understand which jobs we are going to lose and which ones we are going to gain. 

“My daughter is turning 23 and will be looking for a job soon and this is exactly the same advice I gave her, you have to know roughly where the trajectory is, what type of future jobs will be and how will I need to be able to transition and that is relevant.”

If the Chief Research Scientist at Accenture Labs provides that advice to his daughter, we at Box News will take it too. 

Start with Diversity if you want to Shape a Preferred Future

Start with Diversity if you want to Shape a Preferred Future

At Box Media we champion diversity and responsible AI. Clare Munn CEO and Founder of Box Media spoke to Julieta Collart, Foresight Strategist at the Shaping the Future Program, Accenture Labs about the importance of having a diverse team, skills and perspectives when building out programs that look to the future. 

For Julieta, one of the elements that brings value to the Shaping the Future Program is the fact that Accenture Labs is a multi disciplinarian organisation.

“We have people who have backgrounds in AI and digital experiences and anthropology, and are from different levels, different ages, and bring those different perspectives to bring what the world could be as a more robust and whole picture.”

On strategic insight Julieta feels:

“The strength of a good strategy, is in imagining and including all these different perspectives so that we can intentionally chose a path forward.”

If we are to shape the future, we need to do so thoughtfully and inclusively. 

Listen to the interview below. 

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Interview with Paul Daugherty, Accenture

Our CEO, Clare Munn interviews Accenture’s Chief Technology and Information Officer, Paul Daugherty about AI and the future of work. Here are the highlights from a longer interview that took place at the Turing Institute in London

Turing Institute breakfast – Topic Future of Work / Imagining work in the age of AI

Box News were invited to film at a Turing Institute breakfast where their Chief Executive Officer, Sir Alan Wilson and Dr Adrian Weller Programme Director for Artificial Intelligence at The Alan Turing Institute hosted a panel of speakers including Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of Accenture. The topic was Future of Work / Imagining work in the age of AI.