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Talking of Mental Health

The stigma around mental health is being eradicated. Boxspring want to help people know what to say; how to start those conversations; how to listen properly and speak kindly. We’re ready to talk, now it’s time to figure out what to say.

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Towards a Future, With Purpose

At Boxspring, our drive is reskilling for purpose. We have set our sights on a future of human collaboration with machines (rather than a future of mass unemployment). We have an opportunity to work towards a future that is built on solving some of our greatest problems.

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The Costs of Reskilling

The Cost Of ReskillingAs we enter the fourth industrial revolution where adaptive processes, automation, machine learning and AI fundamentally change the nature of work, much of the conversation we heard at Davos this year was around the dual crisis of future skills...

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Interview with Paul Daugherty, Accenture

Our CEO, Clare Munn interviews Accenture’s Chief Technology and Information Officer, Paul Daugherty about AI and the future of work. Here are the highlights from a longer interview that took place at the Turing Institute in London

Turing Institute breakfast – Topic Future of Work / Imagining work in the age of AI

Boxspring News were invited to film at a Turing Institute breakfast where their Chief Executive Officer, Sir Alan Wilson and Dr Adrian Weller Programme Director for Artificial Intelligence at The Alan Turing Institute hosted a panel of speakers including Paul Daugherty, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer of Accenture. The topic was Future of Work / Imagining work in the age of AI.